Andrew Jacobs – Licensed Master Social Worker

Andrew Jacobs is a Kansas native, and grew up in Central Kansas. He first obtained an associates degree in Criminal Justice, then worked for the Center for Counseling and Rehabilitation for several years, prior to moving to Hays, KS, to pursue his bachelor’s degree in social work at Fort Hays State University. Throughout this time, Andrew took many opportunities to advance his professional career, through internships in leadership programs and working with children with special needs in Colorado, as well as overseas.

Andrew also worked for High Plains Mental Health and the Westside Alternative School, helping children through behavioral and mental health concerns, as well as working with adults with severe mental health crises. Upon graduation from FHSU, Andrew worked with the Kansas Department for Children and Families as a Child Protection Specialist, and eventually became a Student Services Supervisor, recruiting and training new social workers.

In 2022, Andrew graduated with his Masters of Social Work from FHSU, and also did an internship with Clinical Associates of Hays, providing therapy to the Hays and surrounding communities area. Upon receiving his licensure, Andrew joined Western Kansas Therapy Associates, and is also working toward his clinical license.

Andrew has great experience in working with children with special needs and disabilities, young adults, and families facing challenges from mental health.